Jan 15 2013

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VeloViewer, another data utility for Strava

VeloViewer.com is yet another third party data utility for Strava, recently brought to the attention of Team Bobby Dazzlers by a fellow mountain biker. You can read about all of the features. Put simply, it can be used to produce a list of all the segments you’ve ever ridden, and then providing all sorts of lists, statistics, and charts, based on your rankings within these segments. It also provides a neat little signature We’re not aware of any other third party Strava application that does this.

Another key feature it has over any other Strava data utility is production of word clouds, and signatures for emailing or for forums.

The VeloFlow feature seems rather similar to raceshape.com, which was featured on this blog last year. I can’t seem to notice any benefit of VeloFlow over Raceshape, and actually think Raceshape is still better for analysis of leaderboard results on a segment, as it gives you a chart of the time gap throughout the segment.

In summary, you can find out a lot of interesting data from VeloViewer, although I’m not convinced it can be used to make you a better rider in any way, no more than Raceshape. However it is extremely interesting and someone that enjoys Strava could spend hours looking through all their statistics on VeloViewer. Go check it out!

An example of the signature image, using my Strava data:

An example of the word cloud you can generate, using my Strava data:

VeloViewer.com word cloud

VeloViewer.com word cloud

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Tom Bammann

Tom has a history of competitive marathon running around Australia. Thanks to encouragement from Nick he fortunately reignited his passion for mountain biking again, and became involved with Team Bobby Dazzlers. Extreme motivation, dedication, and passion, has seen Tom's ability progress to a level he only ever dreamed of.

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  1. VeloViewer (@VeloViewer)

    Hi Tom, Thanks for the review. I’ve purposely tried to avoid mimicking the functionality of RaceShape as I provide contextual links to it wherever I can. I suppose the VeloFlow is slightly similar to RaceShapes Races view but I think VeloFlow is a bit more open ended in what you can do with it and allows people to easily view their own races/rides.
    I’ll be after your advice once VeloRun is a possibility (soon!)

    1. Tom Bammann

      Now that you mention it, I see that you have actively worked around what others have done so as not to duplicate available functionality, but to fill in possibilities in-between – good work! :)

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