Aug 30 2013

Automatic backup of Garmin Edge 510/810 settings

It’s been a while since any Bobby Dazzler has posted something here. We’ve been riding a lot in 2013, hit by cars, podium placing in A-grade XCO, new bikes, and another one of us now has a baby!!! But one post at a time.

It became apparent to me recently, that my Garmin Edge 810 is full of little software bugs. So I wanted to update to the latest firmware which supposedly fixes lots of them – albeit introduces more. With that in mind, I went to start the update and a prompt informs me that I need to backup all my settings as this latest update will wipe all of my settings from the device. What a pain, surely Garmin could automatically copy the files, install the firmware, then copy them back? Negative. So I was forced to follow the instructions here.

I thought it all seemed a little tedious, especially if I have to do it every time they release a new firmware update. I also think that a Garmin Edge 810 is hot property and likely to get flogged, or with my luck, smashed at some point. Frequent backups would be good. So, I put a few lines of code together to create a windows batch file script. To use this yourself, you’ll need to create a batch file in Windows, and copy this code to it. Then when you run it, it’ll save you having to copy all the specific files you need to keep from your device automatically.

Actually as I write this article, I realise I could be adding it to the already existing batch file I run each time I connect my device to the computer to charge, which mirrors all the activity files to my computer – quite handy for when you realise your 3rd party software, or even Garmin Connect, does not allow for bulk export of data, and you really want to try whatever new fancy 3rd party software to upload all your history to.

FOR %%A IN (%Date%) DO (
FOR /F "tokens=1-3 delims=/-" %%B in ("%%~A") DO (
SET Today=%%D%%B%%C
mkdir "e:\Garmin Data\Settings\%Today%"
cd "e:\Garmin Data\Settings\%Today%"

FOR %%i IN (Locations,Settings,Totals,Weight) DO copy "h:\Garmin\%%i\" "e:\Garmin Data\Settings\%Today%\"

mkdir "e:\Garmin Data\Settings\%Today%\Sports"
copy "h:\Garmin\Sports\*" "e:\Garmin Data\Settings\%Today%\Sports"


The first five lines of code above work out what today’s date is, create a sub-directory within my e:\Garmin Data\Settings\ directory of today’s date, then changes to that directory. The FOR line is more complicated than it needs to be, but just copies the four Locations.FIT, Settings.FIT, Totals.FIT, and Weight.FIT files from your device. It does not maintain the same directory structure as the device, just in the interests of saving some folder creation and clutter on your computer. On the rare occasion that you need to restore the files, just look at your device and you’ll work out where to copy them back to. Then the last two lines of code create a Sports sub-directory within the ‘date’ directory we created, and copies all your Sports profile files of your different bikes and stuff.

Of course I ran this to check it works for me, but you’ll have to change the drive letter and the directory of your computer you want to back up to in the above script. You’ll also have to take responsibility of doing this yourself, although you’re welcome to comment below for help. :)

Having bothered with all of this, I used the Garmin WebUpdater which turns out it didn’t wipe any of these files from my device. Although I’m glad that I’ve got a backup in case my device fails, gets smashed, stolen, or I loose it out riding. Who knows. I also have my e:\Garmin Data\ folder backed up to the cloud.

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May 22 2013

Garmin Edge raw data FIT file backups

Garmin Connect is a great system of storing your GPS data, and being stored on the internet you can rest assured that Garmin would maintain a high standard of redundancy in the event of a data server failure.

But, do you really want to lock yourself into using Garmin Connect? If in a few years time a new service opens for business that performs better data analysis, you may wish to switch. Garmin Connect won’t implement the ability to bulk export data in a universal format to other providers because they want to lock you in. Logically it’d be part of their business strategy to do so.

I’ve previously posted a method that allows you to bulk export data from Garmin Connect, because as it is, Garmin only allow you to export one data file at a time. As someone that has 2 to 3 data file per day (2 commutes, and a training ride), it was a massive pain to have to export all my Garmin Connect data when I wanted to upload old data to Strava.

Up until recently, I’ve always used Garmin Forerunner devices which used the Garmin Ant Agent to wirelessly transfer the .FIT files from the device to my computer, and then from the computer to Garmin Connect. I notice now using the Garmin Edge device, with the USB connection to the computer, Garmin Connect skips the step of copying to the computer first the Ant Agent did, and uploads directly to Garmin Connect. Likewise if uploading using the smartphone connection ‘instant upload’ instead of USB to your computer. The result being that with Garmin Edge devices, the raw data is only stored on your device. (Note that the data is on Garmin Connect, but is converted from the raw .FIT format to the .TCX format, and not all software on the market will ever necessarily flawlessly support TCX files, if at all – why would they?) When (if) your Edge device becomes full, it will delete old data automatically in order to accommodate new data. You *could* store the activity files on the SD Card, but current Garmin Connect has a bug which doesn’t allow uploading activities from Garmin Connect (presumably this will be resolved shortly). It’s also possible your Edge device may break, or get stolen. My point being, your .FIT files are at risk of being lost forever! Oh no!

Fear not, there is a simple solution to automate the process of backing up your .FIT files from Garmin Edge devices if you’re prepared to plug the USB into your computer every so often. Follow this procedure to set it up on your computer that I’ve prove to work with my Edge 810 on a Windows 8 machine:


You can use this script for backing up data from your Forerunner 310XT, 910XT, or any other Garmin device that copies data to Garmin Connect using the Ant Agent. You’ll find the .FIT files are copied to the following directory on your computer on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine, but you’ll probably have to enable hidden folders to see the AppData folder. There may be slight variances to your computer, if this doesn’t find your directory then simple just search your hard drives for ‘Garmin’ or ‘*.FIT’. The ******** should be substituted with the device number, which is a series of digits, and ‘Tom’ should be substituted with your Windows username.

  1. Connect your Edge to your computer via the USB
  2. Note the drive and folder that your activity .FIT files are stored in (be careful not to mix up the drive of the internal storage with the drive of the SD Card, if you’re using one).
  3. Create a folder on your computer that you wish to store your data files in. I like to keep data from my previous Garmin devices separated, because each device has different quirks, so I used an additional sub folder. (I also used a variation of this process to copy .FIT files from my old Forerunner 310XT and 910XT directories which were located in an illogical hidden directory for data backup purposes (refer note at end).
  4. Open up a text editor, i.e. Notepad, and copy the following two lines of text:
    xcopy "I:\Garmin\Activities\*.*" "E:\Garmin Data\810 Activities\" /D /E /V /F /Y
    The first directory is where my .FIT files are stored, and the second directory is where I’m copying them to. To learn about what the ‘switches’ mean after the destination file path, go to the command prompt by holding the Windows Start button and pressing ‘r’ at the same time. Then type cmd, and hit enter. This will bring up the command prompt. Then type ‘xcopy /?’ to bring up an explanation of all the available switches. You can adjust them to suit yourself if you’re comfortable with what you’re doing. The second line of text, ‘pause’, just keeps the window open so that you can see what files have actually been copied across, and you can check whether the script it working or not. Once you’ve verified it’s all working, you could simply remove the pause command if it annoys you after a while.
  5. In Notepad, go to ‘Save As’, and in the drop-down menu of the file type, change it to ‘All Files’ instead of ‘*.TXT’ files. Then when you save the file, save it as whatever you’d like your batch file to be called, with the filename extension of .BAT. For example, I saved my file as:
    E:\Garmin Data\810 Activities\810 backup script.BAT
  6. Then any time you have your device plugged in and double click this BAT file, it’ll copy over your data. Run it now to check.
  7. Having checked it works, you may wish to create a shortcut to this BAT file to your desktop to remind you to do it.
  8. You can also assign a shortcut key combination, such as Ctrl+Shift+G to make this easier to do every time you plug in your device. To do this, right click on the shortcut, go to properties, and in the ‘Shortcut key’ field, press your combination of keys to assign, and click Apply. You can also change the icon to something a little more attention seeking to help it stand out on your desktop and remind you to do it every so often.
  9. Optionally, you should have your ‘Garmin Data’ directory on your computer backed up to cloud storage, in case your hard drive fails and you no longer have your Garmin device. This has happened to me so I know the pain of having run multiple marathons and then not having the GPS data to prove your times to the world.


Hot tip: I strongly suggest SugarSync as a cloud storage/backup solution. If you setup a free 5GB account using this referral link, we’ll both be rewarded with extra 500MB, so you’ll end up with a free 5.5 GB account.

That’s it, you’re done! It might be a good idea to check that it’s all working from time to time, and please let me know if you run into any problems or have a better suggestion. Thanks!


You may also wish to consider backing up other data from your Garmin device. For example when upgrading your Edge 810 firmware from version 2.20 upwards, Garmin require deleting profile data from the device for whatever reason. It’s also going to potentially save you time should your device fail and you buy a new one, you can just copy it back again after upgrading to the same firmware. I can cover more detail on this, but basically just substitute “”I:\Garmin\Activities\*.*” to remove the Activities subfolder.

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Jan 31 2013

Team plans for 2013

Team Bobby Dazzlers plans for 2013 are:
  • 2013 Kona Dirty Weekend: Whether it’s 4 man team or less, the full 24 or 12 hour event, is yet to be decided.
  • Melrose 18h: Whether it’s a 4 man team or less, yet to be decided.
  • AMBC events: Details not yet published yet by AMBC, but assuming they put on races like 2012 we plan to mix it up in both A and B grades.
  • PACC CX and National CX events in Adelaide: Continue entering these events in the Open Bike category and show those crossers what mountain bikes can do.
  • Adelaide Cyclists ‘Dirty Dozen’: Ensure our presence is recorded in the second year of its running.
  • Continue on from 2012 in supporting the AMBC Committee with website hosting and maintenance, and club clothing designs.
  • Continue supporting the South Australian community with various organised trail construction and maintenance groups.
  • Continue various advocacy activities for cycling in the local community and abroad.
  • Above all, continue to enjoy social and competitive cross-country mountain biking in alignment with the Team Bobby Dazzlers Ethos

It will definitely be a particular challenge for the team this year, with two team members tentatively doing some overseas travel, another with a baby on the way, and another soon to be married. All of which will impact our training and financial capacity to fund our passion. A fifth team member (yet to be formally announced, but stay tuned) also has a young baby. With some changes to how some of us train to optimise our time, we hope to at least maintain our performance whilst living our fulfilling lives.

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Jan 29 2013

Race Report: PACC / Focus Bikes OzzyCross

The Focus Bikes OzzyCross (cyclocross on Australia Day weekend) race, hosted by the Port Adelaide Cycling Club, was held on Sunday. Team Bobby Dazzlers were represented by Dean, Tim and Tom who entered the Open Bike category.

It was a fantastic course, with man-made water course crossings creating a bit of fun for competitors and spectators.

A strong lead-out by Dean put him in a good position for the race, whilst a bike malfunction caused Tim to drop to the back of the pack not far from the start line. Tom punched out some consistent lap times with good accelerations on the straights but needs some work cornering. Overall we performed well, although no podiums on this occasion with Dean a few seconds behind 3rd place.

Thanks to Focus Bikes for sponsoring the event, Port Adelaide Cycling Club for hosting it, and Cameron Miller for taking and sharing photos.

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Jan 16 2013

Heatmap of Strava data in your area

A previous post showed how to map all of your data from Strava on a single map, with segments you ride more frequently carrying a heavier weighting.

If you’re new to an area, or want to find out where the popular segments you may be missing out on are, then you can try the RaceShape heatmap generator of all rides in your area.


Strava heatmap of Adelaide cycling activity

Strava heatmap of Adelaide cycling activity as of January 2012

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Jan 15 2013

VeloViewer, another data utility for Strava is yet another third party data utility for Strava, recently brought to the attention of Team Bobby Dazzlers by a fellow mountain biker. You can read about all of the features. Put simply, it can be used to produce a list of all the segments you’ve ever ridden, and then providing all sorts of lists, statistics, and charts, based on your rankings within these segments. It also provides a neat little signature We’re not aware of any other third party Strava application that does this.

Another key feature it has over any other Strava data utility is production of word clouds, and signatures for emailing or for forums.

The VeloFlow feature seems rather similar to, which was featured on this blog last year. I can’t seem to notice any benefit of VeloFlow over Raceshape, and actually think Raceshape is still better for analysis of leaderboard results on a segment, as it gives you a chart of the time gap throughout the segment.

In summary, you can find out a lot of interesting data from VeloViewer, although I’m not convinced it can be used to make you a better rider in any way, no more than Raceshape. However it is extremely interesting and someone that enjoys Strava could spend hours looking through all their statistics on VeloViewer. Go check it out!

An example of the signature image, using my Strava data:

An example of the word cloud you can generate, using my Strava data: word cloud word cloud

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Jan 14 2013

Ride report: Mawson Trail ‘Nessie’ and Fox Creek

The original Loch Ness 'Nessie'

The original Loch Ness ‘Nessie’

Dean, Ashley, and I went for a training ride on Saturday. The plan was to ride up the Mawson Trail to Fox Creek, do a lap or two, then ride back down. We ride the Mawson Trail from Gorge Rd to Fox Creek because although we’re a little worn out by the time we get there, it means for a more efficient usage of time away from the wives. After all, you don’t get fit driving a car. Then riding a couple laps at Fox Creek gives us some technical training in the tight twisty single-track of the forest, which is hard to find elsewhere without having to drive from where we live.

We call the length of the Mawson Trail from Gorge Rd up to Fox Creek ‘Nessie’ because the altitude profile looks like you’re riding up the back of the Loch Ness, with three major climbs, 1, 2, and 3, and the overall length of 7.7 km with 441 ascent.

kangaroo hopping

Part way up, I came across a kangaroo on the trail, just standing ahead and up the hill, looking down on me as I climbed up. Having put a lot of work into achieving a good time on the climb, I didn’t want to slow down. At the same time I didn’t want to get within the kangaroo’s comfort zone, so I made a loud noise in an attempt to scare it away. Sure enough it started skipping away, up the hill. Then it stopped, turned around and looked at me again as I continued climbing, so I had to make more loud noises as I got closer and closer. This whole process happened several times, before getting to a short downhill section. I rapidly caught up with the kangaroo that was now skipping down the trail, both doing around 40 km/h. As I got within 5 m, I began making some very loud noises, and it just kept upping the pace to keep in front of me. It was like a chase, except it had already demonstrated that it was quite capable of jumping off and on, and back off and back on the trail as it skipped in front of me. I was genuinely worried that being a good 2 m kangaroo, that as I caught up with it, it might swerve at me and knock me off my bike. But the chase, or what may have become an wild animal VS man race, continued for about 500 m.  As I got to the next hill climb, the kangaroo took off into the distance and won the race, never to be seen again. Further on in the ride, Dean nearly got taken out in Fox Creek by kangaroo hopping over the trail just a metre in front of him.

All things considered, it was another successful Team Bobby Dazzlers training ride.

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Dec 20 2012

Race Report: Port Adelaide Cycling Club Summer Cyclocross Race #2

Race two of three Port Adelaide Cycling Club’s Cyclocross Twilight Series was held last Tuesday night the 18th December in the South Eastern parklands (Tuttangga), featuring the hallowed “Mulch Hill.” Nick, Dean and Tom entered to race in the Open division due to a distinct lack of CX bike ownership amongst BD team members, sticking to our guns we brought out the MTBs once again. The dry and dusty track featured a series of long, flat straights with tight, twisty and technical sections in between to sort the men from the boys.

Nick, riding on a wave of confidence from his win-on-debut at Race 1, was disadvantaged from the outset having been placed back several rows on the start line due to registering only on race day. However, Tom and Dean were placed on the front row and were able to make a clean get away. A leading group of Ollie Klein, Dean Gibson and Daniel Johns were able to get a gap on the chasing group which included Nick and Tom. Nick battled to bridge the gap several times, but a solo effort was a difficult task on this track layout, as it favoured the efforts of a small group working together on the long straights.

Tom kept the crowd entertained, performing monos along the start/finish straight each lap and was prized with an ‘epic’ award for his efforts. Having mostly recovered from an on-going knee injury, Dean was starting to show some better form and planned a last lap attack for the win. He took the lead at the end of the penultimate lap and put the hammer down after venturing over Mulch Hill to clock the fastest lap and take the win by 5 seconds over Ollie Klein in 2nd, and Daniel Johns in 3rd. Nick finished just ahead of the chasing bunch in 5th position, with Tom coming across the line in 11th.

Another strong result for Team BD in the CX Series, with dust encrusted legs, faces and respiratory systems being enjoyed by all. The next race is scheduled for the 26th February with the location TBC. Thanks goes to the PACC for putting on these fantastic events.

From the PACC CX blog:

… In Open the quick course lead to close racing, which is what we were hoping for. A group of six men including Kain ‘Rageman’ Gardner, Daniel Johns, Nick Stokoe, John Allison, Ollie Klein and Dean Gibson formed a a tight bunch which seemed to have mostly been lead by Ollie Klein.  By two laps to go, they had whittled down to four – Klein, Gibson, Johns and Gardner. Dean Gibson put in the fastest lap of the race on the final lap to finish 5secs clear of the sprint for second, with Klein besting Johns for the prize money Kain suprisingly not too enraged finishing 4th.  ….  Of special note was Tom Bammann who not only rocked elf adornments on his helmet, but did a mono over the finish line on each lap to earn an prize ….


Tom pulled high-speed wheelie through each lap, earning an 'Epic Award' for such epicness.

Tom pulled high-speed wheelies through each lap to impress the kids, earning himself an ‘Epic Award’

Dean and Tom got great positions on the start line, whilst Nick started further back (due to not registering online) and had to fight his way through the pack

Tom (wearing the aerodynamic santa hat in Team BD kit) and Dean (wearing AMBC club kit) had great positions on the start line, whilst Nick (wearing Team BD kit) started further back (due to not registering online) and had to fight his way through the pack

Official results, and race animation

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Dec 18 2012

Race Report: 2012 State Championship Race

A belated race report for the 2012 AMBC XCO State Championship race held at Fox Creek on the 11th November.

Nick, Dean, and Tom all entered the Elite Mens category. It was a great course, although a hot and windy day which caught many people by surprise, and we underestimated our fluid requirements. Tom was tired and low on motivation from his first full season of XCO training and racing, and from the start couldn’t keep pace with anyone in Elite Mens. He settled in to his own survival pace and did what was required to get to the finish line. Dean blitzed hard from the start, however a lack of training due to a recent knee injury eventually caught up with him, as well as the front runners who were quickly lapping the field on the short track. After being lapped and some confusion about finishing, Dean had finished a lap earlier than he should have. Once it was realised, it was too late for him to catch up with the field. Both Tom and Dean forgot some of their Hammer Nutrition products which to them meant doom from the start given the particularly hot day.

Meanwhile, Nick had a much tougher line-up than a typical XCO race, with absolutely everyone wanting to claim their state ranking. Team Bobby Dazzlers are very proud of Nick for placing as high as he did in the 2012 South Australian XCO State Championships.

2012 XCO State Championship Placings:

  • Nick: 9th
  • Tom: 13th
  • Dean: 14th (DNF)
2012 State Championship at Fox Creek - Dean Gibson

2012 State Championship at Fox Creek – Dean Gibson

2012 State Championship

2012 State Championship at Fox Creek – Start line for Elite Mens with Nick Stokoe, Tom Bammann, and Dean Gibson

Thanks to Tim Klein for taking and sharing photos and videos, and the Adelaide Mountain Bike Club committee and volunteers for planning the event, designing and maintaining the course, and of course for running the event on the day.

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Dec 07 2012

Race Report: Port Adelaide Cycling Club Summer Cyclocross Race #1

On the last Tuesday night in November, Team Bobby Dazzlers entered Port Adelaide Cycling Club’s first 2012 Summer Cyclocross Race.

To summarise, Tom got placed on the start line ahead of Nick, Dean, and Tim. Having a last minute Garmin fiddle and a slip of the cleat, he got Tim off to a bad start. Tom, Nick, and Dean blitzed the start of the race, and for the majority of the first two laps were claiming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Tim, stuck fighting his way up through the pack, got held back in some congested tech sections. Tom repeatedly made some steering errors, continually under-steering on a particular corner, resulting in some unnecessary stops. Competitors, right on Tom’s tail had no hesitation in passing him whilst he had stopped and pushed Tom back to 5th place. On the 5th lap the same thing happened again, pushing Tom back to 6th. Meanwhile the pack had spread out, and Tim managed his way into 8th position. By the end of the 6th and final lap, Team Bobby Dazzlers achieved the following placings:

  • 1st place Nick
  • 2nd place Dean
  • 6th place Tom
  • 8th place Tim

A great video capturing all four Team BD’s was taken by a spectator below. Note that Dean forgot to do his washing and was in his old Glenelg Cycles uniform. In particular, note the style and grace in which Tom passed him up the techy section. Unfortunately for Tom this was a once-off, and every other lap resulted in disaster and walks of shame.

Thanks to Fiona (Nick’s wife to be) for taking lots of photos (even the ones of Tom doing the walks of shame), and agreeing to become the official Team Bobby Dazzlers photographer.

Thanks to the other three photographers on the night, and to Port Adelaide Cycling Club for allowing mountain bikers to enter without having to get CX bikes :) The MTB category is definitely heating up this year as popularity of PACC’s CX races increases amongst members of the Adelaide Mountain Bike Club.

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